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This is our TEAM!

Look Here was conceptualized with one focus in mind – boutique! That being personalised services and real life relationships where, by helping your business grow, our business grows. With countless marketing avenues available out there, we wanted to stand out in the crowd and offer cost effective services that don’t put unnecessary strain on your business.

So we devised a solution that looks at social media management without the cumbersome marketing which raises costs. We have an array of skills between us ranging from photography and styling to graphic and web design. Together we are able to create products that best suit our clients’ needs.

We’re here to build your online persona and to ensure that it portrays your business at its best.

Our Services
This is what we offer YOU!

No two businesses are alike. Comprehending this is the key to an offering that suits each individual business and its budget. Our plans are specifically designed for smaller businesses, who value the relationships built with their clients.

We delve into your Facebook and Instagram accounts to engage with your followers, designing our posts and approach to suit your industry and unique persona, and to connect you with your clients. Most importantly we keep an ever watchful eye on how your groupies feel and what keeps them coming back. Our emphasis is in our name – Look Here! Like, Follow, Share.

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Now, step away from the drudging workload that follows you around as you try to figure this Social Media monster out, and drop us a mail.

We are more than happy to assist you in making the right choice. That said, if we truly believe that you’re doing a splendid job yourself, or if you need a more commercialised offering, we will most definitely advise you accordingly.

Our contact numbers as follows:
OFFICE: 011 392 5262
KANDI: 082 855 5237
ROMY: 071 583 3396
WAYNE: 072 802 8422
EMAIL: info@lookhere.co.za

Lastly please remember we need sleep too, so calls are during office hours only 08:00 - 17:00

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